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Our Mission

"AGRES-An International e-Journal" Provides free access to research information to the international community without financial, legal or technical barriers.

Send Your Research papers to editor@arkgroup.co.in

A Quarterly e-journal,which is Fast and Friendly for Agriculture related sciences.

Large amount of biotic knowledge are being generated in fields and labs and most of them go globally unnoticed. There is a big gap between knowledge generation and information dissemination The information gap in Agriculture sciences inadvertently caused duplication and repetition of research and this has drained resources of money and man power.

A Quarterly e-journal “AGRES-An International e-Journal” (ISSN 2277-9663) will help scientists, researchers, students, industrialists, teachers who are involved in agricultural sciences to publish their discoveries, research, views and opinions through “AGRES-An International e-Journal” at the quickest time and bridge the gaps that exist in knowledge generation.

Those, who are working in the fields of plants, animals, microorganisms, environment, biological and life sciences that affect humans and his environment to submit research papers.



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